See cocktail enthusiast Robert Hess create a beuatiful Whisky Sour Cocktail.

Whisky Sour ingredients - metric system:

  • Lemon Jouice (1,5 cl)
  • Bourbon 2 ounces (4cl)
  • Simple syrup (2 cl)
  • Egg Whte (two teaspoons)

Dry shake first. This means shaking without ice to create an emulsion.

Shake with ice.

Strain into a tumbler or a sour glass.

Great stuff!

Sweet setup

This is a neat little site. The Sweet Setup showcases their favorite apps for tasks like writing, traveling and much more.

I used to spend almost all my time browsing for app alternatives. Now you can get someone else to do it for you.

Design for Introverts

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Introvert group

I really like this Design for introverts post from dschool at Standford University. It’s sort of like a drawing proposing ways to work with introverted design thinkers.

Gave me a couple of ideas for how to perhaps get more out of our days at Peytz Kreativ.

I recently read the book Quiet by Susan Cain. I found her ideas really resonated with me.

I just really like sitting by myself creating stuff without distractions. But I’m somehow always in the eye of the hurricane of other people.

Love the art-work of course :)

Americans are seriously deficient in sleep (40 percent of Americans get less than five hours of sleep per night), and an incredible 75 percent of us suffer from some form of sleep difficulty each night.

Mark Sisson, sleep quote from Primal Blueprint

I started on the Macintosh computer because of the software. I guess a lot people get the Mac for the exquisitely designed hardware. That wasn’t the case for me.

It was a Macworld demonstration by Steve jobs of the Leopard OS X that did it. The giant leap that was Leopard made me long for a WIN-to-Mac conversion.

The Macintosh platform of the time had industry-standard applications at the core.

The basic OS came with a calendar, mail and contacts suite, and the iLife suite for photos and movies and stuff. You could add the cheap iWork suite, with the brilliant Keynote app for a bargain price, and then you were all set.

And all these great core applications were made by Apple.

At the time, I would have said that Apple did some of the best software on the Macintosh. I think, this has changed.

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So... another commencement speech, this one from Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite authors (loved American Gods & Anansi Boys).

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speech to text in danish

I used to neglect my blog a lot. But then I found another way to create these blog posts. I dictate them to my iPhone. This allows me to write blog posts almost everywhere. And dictation is actually quite fast.

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This is an idea to adjust the interface of dictation on a regular iPhone device.

I often dictate when I'm walking on the street, or sitting on the bus. This is tricky will the current iPhone keyboard.

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I used to do a lot of research on getting things done and what kind of To Do list program I needed to become a success and have a mind like water and total control. It didn't work. Continue Reading...

So many days of my life is spent walking around tired and weary from lack of sleep. I tend to stay up late after my daughter have been put to sleep, and then I just spend my time reading or working till midnight.

Well now I have made myself a project. It is a 30 day challenge. The idea is to measure my sleep pattern and my general sense of well-being for a month. Continue Reading...