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I have read a lot of LEAN theory over the last year, and I decided to test it on something very personal, my GTD system.

This was because my GTD system was prone to periods of breakdown, when life was especially stressfull.

I thought that the systems approach from LEAN production systems would apply to a personal information system as well.

It was an interesting proces, that pinpointed a lot of weaknesses in my own GTD implementation. And it also made me reconsider some of the basic principles in the GTD system.

  1. A Lean GTD system
  2. Defining customer Value
  3. Mapping the GTD Value Stream and Introducing Flow
  4. The Idea of Pull in your GTD system
  5. Triggers and Reactions - A Pull System for GTD Weekly Reviews
  6. Perfection
  • Jens Poder

8 responses to LEAN GTD

  1. This is one of the best series on improving the reliable system I've ever read. Thanks a lot for this wonderful, practical advice!

  2. Hi Rolf

    Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Loved your contributions here Jens, thanks for sharing this! If you haven't already seen it, you may be interested in Holacracy, an approach to whole-company organization that integrates Lean principles and many GTD practices. There's more information at http://www.holacracy.org and an introductory article here: http://www.holacracy.org/downloads/HolacracyIntro2007-06.pdf.


    • Brian

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