Get daily todos into a Kanban in Obsidian with Shortcuts

Yes this is a little nerdy. I have been fascinated by the Shortcuts app for the Mac for some time, but never really utilized it before. I love all kinds of automation. Nothing bugs me more than having to repeat tedious tasks. What got me into using them was “Actions for Obsidian”

I recently read an article by a friend about running a personal kanban system. The idea is to create an optimal flow and focus in your work, with a minimal amount of multitasking. You regulate your focus by handling all your tasks on a kanban board. I wanted to do something similar.

But my minimalist todo-app of choice Things 3 doesn’t offer a trello-style board view.

So I thought I would do a kanban board in Obsidian, and fill the board with tasks from Things 3. And it was really easy!

Here’s a link to the Short Cut

Here you can see it work in a short video.

Here’s the short cut in a screen dump.

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